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    From the midwest underground rave scene to the remixed mainstream, DJ Ray Peña has had a very loyal “friend base”. Club shaker, Hip-Hop Producer, Master Megamixer, Turntablist, the list goes on. Ray has product for them all. Not even your private events escape DJ Ray Peña when he adds Wedding DJ or House Party to the list. His Corporate events even promote “a good time”. Be ready to party when you are on his dance floor.

    At DJ Ray you will find all things Ray. Videos, Pictures, the latest news on Ray and of course Free Music. Want more? Check out the Links Page for Ray Peña’s stamp on the web.

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  1. BulletMoombahton Bass Vol 1: Moombah Speaker Box - Available soon @ and DJ Ray

  1. Bullet15 min video!! Moombahton Bass Vol 1: video excerpt

  1. BulletRiver’s Bend DJ Ray Pena gives you Park Univ. Thirsty Thursdays at Rivers Bend. $1 Beer $2 Shots 10 pm Every Thursday (Partying hard since Dec. 2012)


  1. BulletRiver’s Bend (2 main st, parkville mo 64152) 10pm 8-24-13 Party Monster 2 @ River’s Bend w DJ Ray Pena, Policy, Kristin Fortune & Proper Grammar. EDM DJ Dance Party. Hosted by The Libra. $3 Cover after 11pm.

  1. BulletClub 906 (906 West Liberty dr, Liberty MO 64068) 9-13-13 DJ Ray Pena @ Club 906 Doors open at 8pm.

  1. BulletSound Cloud Listen and support DJ Ray Pena’s latest web

releases. Be able to download it first from sound cloud.

  1. BulletNew Music Downloads from DJ Ray Pena!!!!!!! Free at the Downloads page. New! Kimbra Settle Down with Moombahton. DJ Ray Pena Exclusive!!!!!!

  1. BulletNEW!! DJ Ray Pena’s Listening Station

  1. BulletI Thought That Too 2012

New Episode introducing Just Jackson

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